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OR no?

Was this made in VX Ace?

What was this made in?


Hi. My name is Mel and I was wondering if you could give me permission to translate this game into Spanish. If you do not mind, of course \(^o^)/

yes that's fine! in fact that'd be super awesome ...! if you send it to me when you're done ( i can add it to the download links here and credit you appropriately :)


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I liked this game a lot! I did a let's play on it. I hope that's okay. ^.^"

this was really good aaaaaaaaa!! i really enjoyed playing this :)

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Excellent choice of BGM, especially First Love in the ending. Really emphasised the sweetness of the whole story. I felt your usage of a complementary pair of good and bad routes was very clever. Rarely do you see love stories that also dwell upon the aspect of cherishing friendship. Are you planning on making other Love Live! fan games?

no sorry i don't plan to make any more love live games, i'm kind of tired of drawing love live after about 4 years of only drawing love live nonstop lmao. thank you very much though!!

What a cute game! ^o^ ) I enjoyed it a lot, good job!

Hi there. I really enjoyed your game. It was really cute and fun to play. The music reminded me of the animes that I used to watch when I was younger. I've made a gameplay video of your game. Here's the link.


Keep up the good work :)